Short Documentary: Rabbie

Title: Burns Supper
Station: BBC Radio Scotland

A short documentary discussing the life of Robert Burns on the lead up to “Burn’s Night” – a night dedicated to the life of Robert Burns, and his famous work.  While the official date is the 25th of January – the documentary could be played during the lead up to this date – informing people of the type of evening to expect, and why the evening is so important in Scottish history.

Discussions could include information regarding his famous work, his personal life and an explanation behind the supper – while also including songs and voice overs as indents. The show would be a short blast of knowledge regarding this Scottish history

Why BBC Scotland?
While the rest of the UK may be interested in the life of Robert Burns, Scotland is the only place to really celebrate the ‘Burns Supper’.  As the culture of Robert Burns is beginning to drift, BBC Radio Scotland would be a great place to discuss this – as the target audience is of a similar age to those, who studied Robert Burns at school.

BBC Scotland explains themselves as ‘a speech-led service for listeners seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland.’ with a target audience of 35+.

Short Documentary: Rabbie

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