Short Documentary

While on the Radio Broadcasting course – one of our graded units is based around short audio documentaries. Within this blog, I will discuss all my ideas and the process to creating the final mix.

– You are to produce a radio package on a topic to be agreed with your tutor.
– The package is to be 3 – 4minutes long, no more but then again no less.
– You are to state a radio station and time of broadcast that you are aiming for.
– There is a minimum of 2 interviews.

– žAll interviews need to be logged.
– Music can be used, however even if the package is music based only short extracts can be used.
– žFormat can be presenter based or montage.
– Research needs to be done on the topic and all research to be shown in your blogs.
– All audio captured to be checked with your tutor before inclusion in the package.
– žA script is to be produced including all ins and outs and required timings and all presenter links in full.

Short Documentary

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