Questions for Documentary

On preparation for the interviews for my documentary, I needed to think of specific questions that will gain the information I needed to advice my listeners of the Burns Supper.

With Peter T Hughes being highly knowledgeable about the Burns Supper, I knew that he would have lots of information regarding Robert Burns and therefore I used the following questions to really try and gain specific information.

  • What is the Burns Supper?
  • Why is it celebrated?
  • There are many traditions – Why do we do these traditions?
  • What traditions do we still hold from the beginning of the Burns Supper?
  • What traditions are recently new?
  • Have these traditions changed over the years?
  • Why did these changes take place?
  • Why do people all around the world celebrate the Burns Supper?
  • What do you think will change in the future?

Having fairly open questions gave Peter T Hughes the opportunity to expand on many of his answers, while trying to probe specific information on people and traditions that came into discussion.

Questions for Documentary

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