The Guests

After contacting multiple guests, I received a reply back from both Hugh Lockhart, the producer of the first Robert Burns musical ‘Rabbie’ – and Peter T Hughes, the president of the World Burns Federation.

Last year I directed a production called ‘Rabbie’ and worked with the World Burns Federation on portraying Robert Burns in the right way. Therefore, having this contact made it a lot easier.

Peter T Hughes has been part of the World Burns Federation for many years, and has attended many events and speeches, and therefore I knew that he held a lot of knowledge from overhearing others and from his study. The website, holds lots of articles and clips about the world around Burns, and Peter T Hughes has broadcasted his knowledge of Rabbie on many occasions.

For this documentary I needed someone who had extra knowledge about Rabbie that was obscure, and I knew that he had a lot of information on Robert Burns, including specifics on dates and names. Therefore, I believed having him on this documentary would be beneficial as I would be able to educate the public on things they probably didn’t know about Robert Burns and the traditions behind the Burns Supper.
I made contact through the reception of the World Burns Federation – and was given a mobile number to make further contact.jigs0p8

and received the following reply;




The Guests

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