Stage 1 Planning: Documentary Ideas

The Individual Radio Documentary
While looking at the documentary, I wanted something that would support members of the public and would help spread peoples stories of help and progress. My three key ideas were as follows;

LGBT Youth
I thought about creating a documentary on the youth of LGBT, and focusing on individual stories, and how their coming out has been positive. I wanted to look at the media, and how the media now portrays LGBT news and storylines, focusing on the changes from now, and 10/15 years ago. As this topic is more common in today’s society, I feel like this focus already holds a lot of identifiable knowledge, that can be portrayed creatively in a documentary. 

Start Up Business
I also thought about new businesses, and how a start-up business needs support to continue, through fundraising and possible government schemes to help a new business begin. I wanted to interview new start up business owners and discuss their struggles and how they have overcome them. This would help focus on people and their stories, as the world of business is growing vastly, especially in younger individuals.

Young parents are now more common in the UK than ever. I wanted to interview young parents and discuss their struggles and support needed to raise a child while also focusing on gaining employment for themselves and making sure that their future grows.
Young Parenting is such a popular topic in television programmes and films, and showing light to the reality of this topic would be beneficial in educating audiences.

After looking at all three documentaries, I decided to go with the LGBT Youth package. I believe this was the right choice as our target audience is of 15 – 29 years old and for the BBC Radio 1 audience. This audience is cultured with the current media trends and understands the issues at hand. This audience is also the audience that needs more information, because its more common for them to experience coming out now.
I feel like this topic will give me the opportunity to make a nice creative piece and will be easier to gain guests that are more suited for our one hour programme.

Therefore, I will start planning the LGBT Youth documentary.


Stage 1 Planning: Documentary Ideas

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