Stage 1 Planning: Meetings


First Meeting (2/2/2016):
During this meeting we were placed into our groups and discussed our personal plans for the documentaries.

After deliberating the station style and target audience, we decided to go with a BBC Radio 1 feel. We decided to use this station style due to us all being within this target audience of 15 – 29 years old. Not only this, but we are all from different parts of the UK, and beyond – and BBC is known for focusing on not only local, but national affairs. The main key is that BBC 1 like to focus on social media, and while all our group use social media sites to research and browse, we believed that this station is best suited for us all due to its chatty and informal feel, yet still informative.

Using the BBC Radio 1 idea, we decided on a list of themes that we could use that would link into the station feel.

The themes discussed were as follows;
support – helping others and gaining encouragement
countries – local and nationwide findings to help educate audiences with different cultures.
student living – encourage students and pre-students to go into further education and show a balance to student life.

After discussing the possibilities, we decided to go with SUPPORT as we felt this fitted into our individual documentaries best. As some members of the team couldn’t attend the meeting, I then sent all our discussions to the team through our Facebook chat to keep all of the group notified and then make sure to hear their opinions. The rest of the group not in attendance agreed with our decisions.

Second Meeting (9/2/2016):
Within the second meeting we focused on the individual packages and how these would fit into our theme of support. After discussing each package, we then turned this into a running order for the hour long show, so that we had an overall feel for how the show would work.

ELI: Hidden Doors
CALLUM: Young Carers
NAOMI: Breast Cancer Awareness
MEL: Brewing Beer

We decided on this running order as it gave us space to have the more serious topics mixed in with the feel good content.

Third Meeting 23/2/2016):
In this meeting, we used the time to brainstorm possible guests for our hour long show. We wanted someone that would be able to connect to at least one of the documentaries, while also having their own support network or situation. During this discussion, I mentioned my friend had recently been on a 6 month adventure in South Africa and used this time for self betterment and a way to support her.
The group agreed, that if she was free we should have her in the hour long documentary – as she was also a singer, and adding her music would help break up the show from constant dialogue.

Fourth Meeting (8/3/2016):
We had a short meeting to make sure everyone was happy with their individual packages, in regards to the documentary pitch the following week. Many of the group seemed happy with this discussion and believed they were all on track for our deadlines.
As the only member of the group to attend all meetings, I’ve published all minutes to our Facebook group chat to keep everyone in the loop.

Fifth Meeting (15/3/2016):
I invited our guest, Sophie Stanistreet to the college to discuss the support documentary idea. This gave us a chance to pitch our show to her, and help find a way to fit her into the running order. The group seemed happy with the ideas being thrown around, and Sophie seemed comfortable with show idea. At the moment, Sophie is unsure whether she will be free for the documentary live show, and therefore we are currently finding a backup, in case Sophie cannot be in attendance. A few of our group members have a friends interested in the documentaries and we could use them if necessary.

Sixth Meeting (12/4/2016)
In this meeting we decided on team roles in the coming weeks for the hour long show.
For this, we needed to decide on specific areas that need focused on, so that we can all work together. The roles were decided between myself, Eli and Ellen – and then we discussed with the others on Facebook, as they were unavailable for the class.

The roles are as follows…
Jingle – Ellen
Scripting – Callum and Mel
Guest Segment – Matt
Bed Music selection – Naomi
Playlist & Synergy Production – Eli

Further roles will be decided on the lead up to the actual show, regarding presenting, producer and editor.


Stage 1 Planning: Meetings

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