Stage 1 Planning: Research

With LGBT Youth, there are many focuses, such as Bullying, Mental Health and Homophobia & Hate Crime (not to be confused with bullying). These three focuses are the main aspects that gay men and women are targeted with.

Bullying in Schools

  • 95% of pupils hear the word ‘gay’ being used as an insult or something they don’t like
  • Only 9% of pupils thought that a pupil or member of staff would feel safe telling people they were LGB in school
  • Over half of pupils had witnessed homophobic bullying in school
  • 28% of pupils felt that homophobic language or bullying was dealt with well in school
  • 13% said that reporting bullying actually resulted in anything being done about it
  • 21% of pupils said they would report homophobic bullying or stand up for a pupil who was being bullied, this rose to 93% after students watched the play
  • 75% of staff had witnessed homophobic bullying in school
  • 58% did not feel that their school was a safe and welcoming place for lesbian, gay or bisexual pupils


Mental & Physical Health

  • LGB people are twice as likely as heterosexual people to have suicidal thoughts or to make suicide attempts
  • LGB people are two to three times more likely than heterosexual people to suffer from depression
  • Over half of gay young people deliberately harm themselves yet the NSPCC estimates that for young people in general its between 1 in 15 and 1 in 10.
  • 1 in 5 BME lesbian and bisexual (LB) bisexual women have an eating disorder compared to 1 in 20 of the general population
  • 1 in 4 gay and bisexual (GB) men report being in fair or bad health compared to 1 in 6 men in general
  • A third of GB men who have accessed healthcare services in the last year have had a negative experience related to their sexual orientation
  • A quarter of GB men currently smoke compared to 22% of men in general
  • Across all age groups LGB people could be seven times more likely to take drugs
  • One in 12 LB women have been diagnosed with breast cancer compared to one in 20 of all women


Homophobia & Hate Crime

  • 1 in 5 LGB people have experienced a homophobic hate crime or incident in the last three years, yet just 1 in 4 reported them to the police (Stonewall, 2008).
  • In 2011 just 194 reports were made to Greater Manchester Police, indicating a 6% decrease on the previous year
  • According to Home Office figures in 2011-12 Greater Manchester had the highest proportion of hate crime overall of any county. It was reported to have 17.9 hate crimes per 1,000 crimes, compared to 9.8 in Lancashire, and 10.82 in Cumbria.



LGBT & Social Media

Social media is a large aspect of LGBT, with many success stories being posted daily.  From daily instagram & tumblr posts of people ‘coming out’ to live videos on YouTube – LGBT success is seen everywhere.

Tom Daley – “Tom Daley: Something I’ve wanted to say…”

Rhodes Bros – “Twins Come Out To Dad”

Ellen Page – Coming Out Speech


Stage 1 Planning: Research

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