Interviews: Pitch, Research, Questions.


I wanted to interview a small business and look into depth at how their business came about, the passion behind this, and the future for the company. I contacted MissMarcieOnline, about her online craft store, and it’s success.

MissMarcieOnline has an overall focus on the feminism movement and female empowerment, so I wanted to also focus on this idea, and how it is incorporated into the business. I wanted to first start by looking at the business and what it’s about, then delving into how the business has become so successful while Marcie is still very young. 

Afterwards, I will continue to move onto the female empowerment, and how this correlates to her products. While finally looking into the future of the business.


1) What is Miss Marcie Online?
2) Why did you make Miss Marcie Online?
3) What sort of items do you create on Miss Marcie Online?
4) What’s the most popular items?
5) How did you discover your love of crafting?
6) How do you manage running an online store with over 2000 sales, and balance your life on the side?
7) Lots of your products are based on females, and female empowerment – why is this?
8) How do you try and incorporate female empowerment into your business?
9) What is the future for Miss Marcie Online?


2236 Sales
On Etsy since 2013
5 Star review, averaged out of 347 reviews.
Glasgow, Scotland
38 items

Interviews: Pitch, Research, Questions.

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