Stage 2 Development: Meetings

Meeting 1 (1/5/16)
Once we had started the production of our packages, we began to create deadlines for our work. Within this first meeting we decided on three deadlines;

10th May: Complete Individual Packages (6 – 8 mins)
15th May: Scripting Deadline for a run through at 12pm.
17th May: Guest preparation in the morning before our show at 2pm.

We also discussed our individual plans for each package.
Not all members were in attendance.

Meeting 2 (3/5/16)
Our second meeting was very short and quickly discussed our individual plans for our 6 – 8 minute packages. During this, those in attendance seemed to be on track, with interviews planned and recorded, and editing beginning to happen.
Meeting 3 (9/5/16)
On the 9th of May, we had one day until our individual package deadline was to be handed in. During this, half the group were not in attendance. With the group we had, we discussed the plans for our guest, planning the angle we were looking for – as well as how the individual packages were coming along. With final touches, a few of us were ready for tomorrows deadline.

Meeting 4 (10/5/16)
The deadline for the individual packages.
Myself and another member of the group were ready for the deadline. 3 other members of the group were nearly finished, while one was not in attendance and had not completed the interviews.  Communication was very difficult as members of the group were ignoring the Facebook group chat in place to discuss the project.

During this we discussed suitable plans incase of an incomplete package. We decided that extending the guest interview would be the best idea, as this can be rearranged in a quick amount of time, dependant on how long is left. We also realised we had a lot of content that could be discussed with our guest that was not in the script.

Meeting 5 (16/5/16)
We planned to meet at 9am on the Monday morning to continue with the individual packages. I was the only member in attendance.

With a single day until the hour long show, I checked with the group on how everyones individual roles were coming along. 3 members of our group were still editing their 6 – 8 minute package, which resulted in myself and another member of the group taking over other peoples roles. I created the script, the jingle, and also helped create the playlist. The bed music was also edited by myself.

Meeting 6 (17/5/16)
On the morning of the package, I created a schedule for the day, and discussed with the other group for a suitable time to practice in the studio.

“Okay… So tomorrow! 
10-10-30: BREAK
11:30- 12:00: READ THROUGH

Bed music was edited for timing, while myself and Ellen (who was in charge of time management) discussed the script running order, and timed the show during the run through.

After creating one jingle, myself and Mel planned to create a few more jingles to help expand the show and refrain from repetition.

With a few issues arising during the upload of the packages, we spend the next hour discussing the show with Jay (our guest), Mel planned his segment, and all began to piece together the script to make sure it would run smoothly.


Stage 2 Development: Meetings