Stage 2 Development: Time Management

From the beginning, time management was incredibly important to me during the production process. When we first started, I decided that we should have 2 main deadlines.

10th May: 6 – 8 minute package complete
16th May: Scripting and Playlist complete

It was important that we stayed on top of things, to make sure that we had time to plan and prepare in case of any problems that occurred along the way. I wanted to make sure we had enough time to fill gaps, if someone’s package fell through, or someone was off ill. Having extra time, and knowing the script in advance would help to know where segments can be extended.

To make sure that we were on top of things, meetings were put in place. I normally took it upon myself to ask members when everyone was available for a week, and tried to do this weekly to keep up to date with everyone’s progress, while also sharing my progress with the rest of the group.

Constant Facebook posts were made by myself, to see members progress but also to schedule meetings.meetings

During the hour long show, time management was incredibly important. We had a single hour, and had to fill the whole show with specific content. When deciding on a script, the timings were all put into place, with each speech segment lasting 1 minute, or 2 depending on the topic. This was added to the Synergy playlist to help combine our timings together, and follow the script.


Due to the uncertainty of the guests segment, and timings, we gave ourselves an extra minute, that we could easily fill – with our new jingle, a lengthy conclusion and extra time with the guest –  incase of any backlogs and over running the hour.
Costings for the project were very minimal. My only ccosting was the £20 train ticket to Dundee, as all studios and guests/presenters were free of charge.

Stage 2 Development: Time Management